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Alternate Designs

The digital files below are available through graphic designer, Susan Jackson. They are available for use in support of Be Set Free, a Christian Science lecture, and may be customized for your branch church, society, or CSO with the relevant information pertaining to your lecture event.  


These designs have been pre-approved by Nicole Virgil, and as long as the current design is maintained, no additional approval is needed. 

All communication pertaining to the customization, payment of fees, and delivery date is between the lecture host (branch, society, etc...) and Susan Jackson.


1) Select your preferred design: Birdcage or Sunset

2) Decided which files you'd like: postcard, flyer, web banner or building banner. You may select one or more options. All files are purchased individually and are priced accordingly.  

3) Email Susan at with a request to purchase the files of your choice.  Provide your contact & lecture information. She will guide you through the process.


Click on the Sunset image to see the available files.


Click on the Birdcage image to see the available files.

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