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2024-25 Lectures

Be Set Free

In-person/non-hybrid only

Circumstances often present what appear to be overwhelming obstacles to our natural desire to live freely. Whatever it is that seems to stand between us and the full range of motion that we would like to have in our lives - it’s not so much the presenting impediment that is the problem - it’s not knowing how or where to access our God-given liberty.

How to find purposeful, unburdened liberty, is the topic of this lecture & to find anything, you must first know where to look.   

This lecture examines liberty from a Biblical perspective; and see how real people today find their freedom from all kinds of physical, emotional and circumstantial restrictions that are clearly beyond their control so that they may Be Set Free.

Host Are You Ready or Be Set Free

It's likely that you already have dates and times in mind for your lecture. Great! We will get there - but we need to do something else first before discussing that: have a Zoom call with your whole membership, during which I will share:


- a bit of background about the Board of Lectureship

- my approach to lecturing

- how we can best collaborate to offer the gift of a Christian Science lecture to your community.


Hosting a lecture requires engagement from the whole membership, so having everyone involved from the beginning is vital to maximizing the benefits for both your branch and your community. This first Zoom call is for as much of your membership as can attend, so please consider a time that will work best for the greatest number.  

**References available upon request.


Meeting Agenda:

a) Current Lecture development process


b) How this lecture is designed to support your branch in active local healing.  How exactly do we engage the public?

c) Technical parameters, lecture prep, resources, and support.


d) At the conclusion of the meeting, members will:

                 1) Decide if they want to pursue this approach

                 2) Consider lecture dates 


1 / Get Organized

I'd like to share some fresh ideas with you about our Leader's design for our church, how lecture development has changed over the years, and how those two things have shaped me as a lecturer.


My introduction to the lecture work has revolutionized my view of our church, and inspired my work with members and the public.


Before we lock in on a date for your lecture, it is most helpful to share my approach with your membership as they will be the ones (not just the Lecture Committee) engaged in preparing to welcome the public.  

If the majority of your members can attend our first meeting, then there will be no need to have a second meeting in which you transmit all that we have discussed in order to determine if they would like to pursue this approach.

If the majority of your members can attend the meeting, and they wish to move forward, then a date can be selected at the conclusion of the meeting or shortly thereafter.

2 / Schedule your Preliminary Zoom Call
      on Calendly below

Click HERE to schedule now.

After you schedule your Zoom meeting, you will receive an email confirmation.  This confirmation email will contain your Zoom link.  Please be sure to hold on to this email so you have the link on the day of the meeting.

**You will need to forward this confirmation email to the rest of your members so they can connect to the meeting.

3 / Communicate with your team

Confirm that everyone received the email with meeting guidelines and Zoom link.  Up to 10 additional email addresses may be added directly you book the meeting.  (See "Add Guests") just under your name and email address entry location.

If anyone did not get the confirmation email, please forward your email to them.

Send a reminder a few hours or a day before the meeting.

Preliminary Zoom
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