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Lecture Advertising Options
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The Mother Church Designs

The Mother Church offers flyers & postcards at no charge to the branches. Click the button below to visit my profile page on TMC's website. Scroll to the bottom to view the various files available.

All files can be customized with your church's name, venue, time, date, etc..


*All files are pre-approved.

**No customizations (beyond those listed above) are available.

Click below


Alternate Designs

Select one of two pre-approved 

designs. Flyers, postcards, web banner, & building banners available. A la carte pricing.    

Work directly with graphic designer & Christian Scientist, Susan Jackson.

Susan will customize your selections and send you digital files, which you can then bring to your printer for publication.

Click below


DIY Designs

Your church is welcome to design your own flyers, postcards, banners, etc...

Cost determined by branch.


*All DIY marketing materials must be approved in writing (email is fine) by Nicole Virgil prior to publication.



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